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Thank you for filling in this form. We collect this data because we are committed to attracting and funding a diverse group of applicants through our programme and want to improve how we do this. You find more information about our use of data in Nesta's privacy policy, 

We are collecting data about the team involved in your experiment, not about the person filling in the application or any individuals. We will therefore ask you in each question to please indicate the number of people in your team that identify with a specific answer.

You will need to log in to submit your responses, but the form is anonymous and separate from the application process and responses cannot be tracked back to you. Email addresses will not be kept together with your responses. None of the following questions are mandatory. 

We know that it is impossible to reduce the rich complexity of our backgrounds and identities into a few small boxes, so apologies if these seem like poor descriptions. Please choose the options you and your team identify most closely with.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.