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  Before you begin

Applications are due by 23:59 GMT 8 December 2019.

The application form is likely to take 1.5 hours in total to complete. You are able to save and return to the form if you cannot complete it all at once.

You can make use of the check list provided below to ensure you have all the relevant information to hand ahead of completing the application form.

Check list 

This form will ask you about:

  • Your organisation, any partners, and who will be involved in delivery. NOTE: Only the LEAD partner for the application needs to complete a form, but you do need to include the details of any additional partners that will be involved in the delivery. 
  • Your proposed solution, including:

          -  The problem you want to address for whom, and how you wish to address it.

          -  What makes your solution distinct. 

  • The impact you plan to make (in either improving financial sustainability or increasing engagement in public interest news).
  • Who will be involved in delivery, and what skills, experience and capability they have to deliver.
  •  Your high-level budget, including how much grant funding you are requesting.
  • What non-financial support would be most helpful to you in advancing your solution.
  •  Your plan to sustain the solution beyond the grant-funding period

Applicants need to meet the following criteria in order to be eligible to apply:

  • You must be a UK registered organisation; if you are not, then you must have a lead partner who is a UK registered organisation and applies to this fund. 
  • Ideas need to be focused on public interest news in England and address the focus areas of this funding round.
  • The idea must be designed to benefit people in England (noting people elsewhere could also benefit)  
  • The idea, solution or business must have an intention of delivering measurable social impact & ambition to continue beyond the duration of this fund 

We are unable to support:

  • Applications from individuals 
  • Ideas that have no public benefit
  • Ideas that are likely to increase inequality or exclusion, or otherwise have a harmful or detrimental effect on individuals (such as through the unethical use of private data) 
  • Any activity that is party political, affiliated to a faith or religious group
  • Pure editorial work or individual investigative journalism pieces
  • One-off projects that we would want to close down by the end of this fund

Please make sure you have read the