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Welcome to the online entry form for the CareerTech Challenge Prize, a part of the CareerTech Challenge. The CareerTech Challenge consists of both a Prize and a Fund - this form is to enter the Prize. If you wish to apply to the Fund, information is available on the Nesta website.

Prize entries must be submitted via the Submittable platform by 14:00 GMT, Wednesday 29 January 2020. 

Entries must respond to the prize statement, and will be evaluated against our Judging Criteria. We expect to be able to notify you of the outcome of your entry in April 2020

Please respond directly to the questions in the form, providing concrete examples and/or evidence to support your entry where possible. Entries should be completed in English, and we ask that you avoid unnecessary jargon or unexplained acronyms. You must complete the entry form; partial or incomplete forms will not be eligible. 

All the information about the Prize can be found in the Innovator Handbook and Frequently Asked Questions. Before submitting, ensure you have read these documents, and review the following checklist:

  1. Have you read and understood the prize statement and are you confident that your idea meets the aims of the Prize? 
  2. Do you understand all the Judging Criteria and know what the judges will be looking for? 
  3. Do you meet all the Eligibility Criteria?
  4. Have you read carefully through the Prize Terms and Conditions?
  5. Have you read our Privacy Policy?
  6. Have you reviewed the entry form and the questions you will be expected to answer?
We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.