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 Welcome to the online entry form for the CareerTech Challenge Fund, a part of the CareerTech Challenge. The CareerTech Challenge consists of both a Prize and a Fund - this form is to enter the Fund. If you wish to apply to the Prize, information is available on the Nesta website. 

 Applications must be submitted via the Submittable platform by 14:00 GMT, Tuesday 9th December 2020.

•  The application form will take about 2 hours to complete. You can save and return to the form if you cannot complete it all at once and you can print a blank version of the form prior to filling it out. You are also able to download your submission as PDF once completed. 

•  If you are applying as a partnership, only the lead partner needs to complete an application, but they will need to include details about other partners when prompted in the form

Please make sure you have read and understood the fund eligibility criteria and FAQs. The eligibility criteria are:

•  You must be a UK registered company or UK registered charity, or have a lead partner who is

•  You are required to allocate a budget for a programme evaluation

•  You will need to have in place the ability to deliver the proposed innovation within in an existing online learning course / qualification that involves 15 - 50 hours of learning

•  Learning has to be delivered wholly or predominantly online

•  The solution must be designed to benefit people in England

•  You must be available for a development workshop on 30th January 2020 and a selection day w/c 10th February 2020.

We are not looking for:

•  Applications from individuals 

•  Solutions that are not likely to be of public benefit. We cannot support ideas that are solely or predominantly for the personal or private financial benefit of an individual or organisation.

•  Solutions that are likely to increase inequality or exclusion, or otherwise have a harmful or detrimental effect on individuals (such as through the unethical use of private data) 

This form will ask you the following information in relation to the assessment criteria:

Your details - your organisation and any partner organisations

Innovation - your solution and the technology it will use

Target beneficiaries and impact - the experience for target beneficiaries and the impact your solution will have

Capacity - your delivery plan and budget, including how much grant funding you are requesting

Sustainability -  your plan for sustaining the solution