Ends on September 30, 2019

Applications to the Affordable Credit Challenge close on 30th September 2019 at 8:00 AM BST. We will not accept applications after this deadline.

The Affordable Credit Challenge will support Partnerships between UK community lenders and fintechs developing innovative technological solutions that will increase access to affordable, responsible credit. The Challenge is backed by HM Treasury and delivered by Nesta Challenges.

Development grants will be awarded to six Partnerships, with three of these Partnerships awarded cash prizes in March 2020.

We encourage you to read all the information on the Challenge’s Apply webpage, including the FAQs, Eligibility Criteria, and Terms & Conditions, before completing this application form. All applications will be assessed against the Challenge Assessment Criteria.

Per the Challenge Eligibility Criteria, each application must be made jointly by a Partnership comprising at least one community lender and at least one fintech, with a community lender being the Lead Organisation. The Lead Organisation shall be responsible for making sure that all joint applicants are aware of and comply with Challenge terms and conditions and all relevant application information on the Challenge website.

As a part of your application, you are asked to identify one individual as team leader from
the Lead Organisation.

In responding to the questions in this application, we encourage you to use clear, straightforward language and to avoid jargon wherever possible. Most questions have a word limit which is specified in the form.

You can save a draft at any time and come back to your application later. Once your application has been submitted you will receive a confirmation email. You will not be able to edit your application once it has been submitted.

If you have any further questions relating to the Affordable Credit Challenge that have not been answered in the FAQs and Terms & Conditions, please email affordablecreditchallenge@nesta.org.uk.