The purpose of the final assessment stage for the Million Cool Roofs Challenge is to update the judging panel on how your cool roofs initiative has progressed since September 2019 and how you plan to scale your project, in order to determine which finalist will receive the final prize award of $750,000.


Finalists will be assessed based on the status of their projects and future plans at the end of the Challenge development period. Your project will be assessed by the judging panel against the published assessment criteria for the Million Cool Roofs Challenge, as outlined below.

The judging panel will take all four criteria into account when making their decision. This means that the team who has covered the most square metres of roofs will not necessarily win the prize; effectiveness, quality and potential for scale will also be considered.

Alongside the form is guidance text. This information is to help you develop your answers and provides recommended ways to address the questions but are not mandatory requirements. 

Your form should be completed and submitted by 23:59 on Monday 2nd August

Criteria 1 - Effectiveness

What difference does the project make to people’s lives?

We will be assessing:

  • Community impact and engagement
  • Effectiveness and durability of materials
  • The level of benefit in terms of:
    • Thermal comfort & access to cooling
    • Energy savings
    • Reduction in urban heat island effect

Criteria 2 - Project Viability

Does the entrant have a plausible project plan and the capabilities to execute it?

We will be assessing:

  1. Monitoring and evaluation plans
  2. Team capabilities
  3. Communications/dissemination strategy
  4. Budget and additional resource commitment

Criteria 3 - Scalability & Sustainability of Approach

How will the approach be sustained/embedded and grown over time?

We will be assessing:

  1. Operational or business model, including financial sustainability and impact on policy change
  2. Local capacity and collaboration (skills, supply chain, institutional support)
  3. Size of the addressable market

Criteria 4 - Challenge Statement target met

Has the team deployed 1 million square meters of cool roofs?

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